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{{checkversion}} =====Shaun's Brain Backup=====
Configuring can be easy, but remembering is hard. This is where I keep miscellaneous documentation I might need again someday.

====Public documents====----
ReportingToAbuseIPDBWithFail2Ban - How to integrate ""Fail2ban"" with the crowdsourced """" incident database.

UsingCertbotAndLetsEncryptOnCentos6 - How to use Certbot to obtain, install, and maintain Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on ""CentOS"" 6.

HiddenCobraFallchillIpsetIptables - HIDDEN COBRA / FALLCHILL blocking with ipset and iptables

CompilingPthreadsCapablePHP5 - Resolving a build error with pthreads and PHP 5. Google only had results in Chinese, maybe this will help someone who encounters the same error.
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